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Aqualane Clinical Research is a comprehensive clinical research group focusing on advancing medical therapies in a wide array of human disease states. We provide patients the opportunity to participate in the discovery of treatments where none currently exist or where there is an unmet need for safety and more effective. By collaborating with our patients, their care partners and sponsors in industry we focus on the safe and ethical study of these emerging therapies.


Clinical Studies

Alzheimer's Disease

It robs patients not only of their most precious memories but also the ability to care for themselves. Of the top 10 killers of Americans only 1 disease has no treatment that slows down, arrests, or stops the progression.

Parkinson's Disease

Although much less common than Alzheimer's disease, better treatments are urgently needed. Once thought to be a disease that only interfered with coordinated movement, it is now better understood to impact, not only the whole nervous system, but the whole body.

Essential Tremor

Early-onset tremor under the age of 40 is typically stable for many years and then decompensates as the individual gets into their seventh and eighth decades of life. We are finding that there are genes associated with tremor that are seen in families.  There is a growing list of possible genetic abnormalities associated with tremor. More research is required to determine exactly how these genetic abnormalities influence this disorder.

Multiple Sclerosis

Here at ACR, we are actively recruiting for involvement in several trials which focus on small therapeutic molecules that are able to penetrate the central nervous system and address this process. This is coupled with cutting edge imaging and biomarker analysis that will lead to new ways of monitoring and assessing the effectiveness of these treatments.


Migraine is a disorder of pain processing.  It usually presents itself as an attack lasting typically between 4 and 72 hours with pain in the head of moderate to severe intensity. The pain is frequently unilateral and pounding. With the pain frequently comes other features. Which can include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, behavioral changes and mental fog.

Neuropsychiatric Conditions

Depression, anxiety and other psychiatric symptoms are common alone or in combination with many neurologic diseases. AQR is actively involved in finding new therapies for treatment of these conditions.


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